Olivier Nusbaumer

Olivier Nusbaumer Olivier Nusbaumer
Dr. Ing. ETH
Email: onusbaum(at)gmail.com

Research Topics / Forschungsgebiete

  • Probabilistic Risk Assessments (PRA)
  • Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN)
  • Binary Decision Diagrams (BDD) with emphasis on nuclear safety applications
  • Severe accident simulation

Education / Ausbildung

06/2007 PhD thesis: "Analytical Solutions of Linked Fault Tree Probabilistic Risk Assessments using Binary Decision Diagrams with Emphasis on Nuclear Safety Applications"
Examiner: Prof. Dr. W. Kröger, PSI / ETH Zurich
Co-examiner: Prof. Dr. E. Zio, Politecnico Di Milano, Italy
02/2001 Master's thesis: "Studies of Severe Accidents using the MELCOR Computer Code" (Dr. M. Zeller, Prof. Dr. Emeritus G. Yadigaroglu)
Subject area: simulation, CFD, severe accident phenomenology, neutronic
Final score: 6.00 - excellent
03/1999 Diploma in Mechanical Engineering ETH Zurich, main direction: Nuclear Engineering (Prof. Dr. Emeritus G. Yadigaroglu)
Overall final score: 5.25 - very good
08/1998 Reactor and radiation school, PSI Villigen
05/1998 Practical training on the nuclear research reactor CROCUS, ETH Lausanne
1997 – 1999 Field of study in nuclear engineering and power plant technology (Kern-/ Kraftwerkstechnik), Nuclear Engineering Laboratory (Energy Technology), ETH Zurich
1994 – 1999 Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich (D-MAVT)
1994 Military service in Dübendorf (ZH)
1991 – 1994 Maturity type C (mathematics/physics) in Porrentruy (JU)
1980 – 1991 Obligatory School

Professional Career / Berufspraxis

2008 – ... Head Probabilistic Safety Analysis at the Leibstadt Nuclear Power Plant (KKL), Switzerland
2000 – 2008 Probabilistic Safety Assessment (PSA) analyst at the Leibstadt Nuclear Power Plant (KKL):
- Project team PSA Level 1
- Project manager PSA Level 2
- Project manager of the MELCOR / MELSIM computer code
1999 – 2002 Software and hardware engineer for Ontronic Engine Management Systems
2001 Development of the DECANS computer code
1999 – 2000 MELCOR model development (severe accident simulation), KKL / RMA Inc., CA, USA

Committees and Memberships / Komitees und Mitgliedschaften

Selected Publications and Presentations / Auswahl Publikationen und Präsentationen

Olivier Nusbaumer, 2012

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